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The ebb and flow of tide

The ebb and flow of tide

What you believe in your heart affects how you act and feel about yourself.  If you have faith in yourself and believe that you can achieve your goals your conscious and subconscious mind will respond. You will take action and work towards getting what you envision. That does not mean you won’t have set backs, and challenges you will, but you will overcome them and ultimately achieve what you set out to do.   This  applies to relationships just as much as it does for you career.  Keep the faith!



One of the best things I can share is how important it is to love yourself.  When you think about it how can you love others if you don’t love yourself. When you truly love yourself you can forgive yourself and others. It sounds simple, perhaps to simple,  but it is real.

Many people think they are loving but they carry around a lot of pain in their hearts and soul. This pain surfaces and causes disharmony in their relationships with themselves, and spouse and can be the cause of divorce, or not being able to find a partner to love.

In order to love yourself look within and acknowledge all that is good and bad. Relish the good, and forgive the bad. Once you do this you do this your spirit will be lighter and love will be ever-present.

When you love yourself it shows in how you act, react, and interact with people.  If you can mirror the love you have for yourself, nature, and other people it will show. As a result will attract love and enable you to find and maintain meaningful relationships.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Harness it and see how your life improves.  I believe you will find your the quality of life improves.