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Each of us has a choice on how we see ourselves and the world.  Some people find that living in a constant state of joy, peace and happiness enables them to live in the moment and make the most of each day.

live your dream rather than live to dream

live your dream rather than live to dream

Others seem to live their lives in a state of negativity.  These people go through life missing the simple joys of a beautiful flower. They are often angry, frustrated, and living in disharmony.  I am not here to judge only suggest the idea that where energy goes results show.

morning dew is one of natures wonders

morning dew is one of natures wonders

I believe you can change your mindset by focusing your mind on the following concepts.   Live with gratitude.   Appreciate all the things you have. In this world there are too many people who have unsafe drinking water and not enough food. Take time to say to to yourself how grateful you are for the hot water shower, toilet, car you drive, food you eat, for the sunshine, e.t.c.  This can really change your attitude, especially at times when your feeling stress.  For example when stuck in traffic take the time to reflect on what you are grateful for.

Live with love in your heart and do your best to spread love.  If you remove all the social dogmas that surround and divide people you will see that we all have things in common.  We’re human and we all make mistakes.  We all want to provide for our families, educate our children, be healthy, and be loved. The more you love yourself and others the more love will be attracted to you.

Learn and practice forgiveness.   It is amazing how you can go from a resentful state to one of peace and joy, just by learning and practicing forgiveness.  Forgive yourself for things you have done, and others for what has been done to you.   I don’t know about you but I feel stress and frustration in my stomach first.  When this happens I recognize it and rather than let it grow I make the choice to accept it, think about it for a while, then let it go and forgive all those including myself.

This may sound kind of weird to some but the process really works for me. The reason is I want to feel happy and positive rather than sad and negative.

So what are you waiting for…..  Celebrate the joy in your life.

This whale is feeling joy and love!

This whale is feeling joy and love!



Are you stuck in  relationship or job thats join nowhere?  Why do you stay?  Is it because the evil you know is better than the evil you don’t? Or is it that your afraid of rejection or that you won’t find something better?  Sometimes a low self esteem is what blocks us.  Somehow we feel that were no worthy of a better relationship or job. Other times it’s that you’ve been in it for so long you are comfortable even though not 100% content.  Whatever the reason, what is holding you back is you.  You need to change that in order to succeed & thrive.

Old Man Wisdom cruising over the reef.

Old Man Wisdom cruising over the reef.

Yes, this seems easier said than done.  However once you make a decision and are committed to it, change can be empowering and make you feel good.   After all your taking action to improve your situation.  Where energy flows, results often show.  So embrace the changes that you know need to be made to enable you to live the life you desire.  The process takes time and energy but it does work and you can create the life of your dreams. Some the things you will go through will not be fun. However they will pass and in the end you remain.

This turtle image was provided by Douglas Hoffman.

It is all to easy to get caught up in the moment of everyday life circumstance and think about what is not going well in your life. These people are living with a negative mindset. I bet that everyone reading this knows someone that is quick to blame others or get angry.  This is because placing blame rather than accepting what is real has become commonplace.  All too many people just go through the motions of living and do not actively participate in life. These people are living in a way that their past pain and circumstances influence the current life situation.

When people take responsibility for their own happiness and quality of life they accept their life circumstances, realize they cant control what others do but can control what they do, and how they feel. This is called living in the present moment and it provides a level of clarity which allows them to live in peace.  These people tend to think about what is going well in their life and have a positive mindset. When problems arise they work through them, and move on.  They do not dwell on the negative nor do they harbor animosity towards others.

I am not suggesting that people who have a positive attitude wont face challenges. Every human being alive has problems, issues, painful memories, expectations that were not met, e.t.c.  What I am saying is that a person with a positive mindset does not let these life circumstances make them hostile or angry.  They do not blame others but accept what is going on, then move on to resolve the situation.

So how does one get from living in the past and blaming others for things that occur in daily life to one who is living in the present and accepts what is going on now. The answers lie inside you.

What has worked for many people is to start meditating on a daily basis.  This helps clear the mind and heart.  Investing time to look inside and clean house enables you to remove negative emotions & painful memories. Accepting what has happened, and forgiving yourself and all those concerned is crucial to the process.   This acts as a giant eraser and removes all that stored negativity.  In that space you can now put in love and positive energy.

This sounds like a daunting exercise but once you start you will find that your feelings, attitudes, and behavior changes and before you no it you have transported yourself from past pain to living with love and peace in the present.

I went through this process in 2012, and it the result is a happier me. If I can do it.  Everybody can do it. So if your reading this and realize you have a negative mindset and want to change go for it.  You have nothing to lose but negativity and past pain.

My daughters are 4 and 9 years old.  A few weeks ago their grandma gave them each a Barbie Doll.  My kids have not suffered from lack of toys, activities, or attention.  That said I have not given them toys that I feel give the wrong message.  I believe certain toys reflect the effectiveness of advertising and mass media.  The Barbie dolls are a prime example as I felt they did not project the idea that kids come in all shapes and sizes and not all have long hair, and the latest fashions.

However I have to say, my kids played with the dolls for hours the night the dolls  were given. I was amazed how the girls got lost in a world of their own wonderful imaginations. They created an ice skating show, fashion show, roller skating show, and they even shared clothes, boots, hair brushes, e.t.c.  I literally sat for 2 hours and was enthralled as they kept creating more ways to play.

I enjoyed seeing their expressions, smiles, and hearing their laughter and the monologues that came with each doll scenario they created.  It was a joy to witness their imaginations at work.  The girls had so much fun, and I have to admit that while I still think certain toys, and television shows give kids the wrong message, watching my girls play with their Barbie dolls I realized that their is more to them just having a pretty face, they actually can teach kids important values that include sharing, caring, and helping others.

So now I have a more open mind, and a happy heart.  This experience has shown me that it is good to be flexible in terms of forcing my internal beliefs onto my kids.  Moreover, it is good to let them play and discover their world.

Today I observed a group of ants working together to take a dead bee back to their nest.At first there was one ant, and it found the bee and without hesitation started pulling it towards its nest.  And then there was another, and another, and within minutes there were too many to count.  I was amazed at their strength and determination. Progress was slow at the beginning but as more ants came and helped, the pace increased. It was amazing to see how fast these ants were working. Just like that they disappeared around the corner and into a crack in the base of the wall.

As I watched, it seemed to me that there was a life lesson to be learned. One person can make a difference with steadfast belief and determination. However when a community gets involved it seems the progress of their efforts is unstoppable.

I wonder and imagine what would happen the world community were able to pull together and use their combined strength and beliefs to help feed the world, provide water that is safe to drink, educate the youth of the world, end political corruption, manage the worlds natural resources, end pollution, develop new sources of energy, end the dependence we have for oil, stop illegal fishing, stop shark finning, purge racial and religious prejudice, and control green house gas emissions.  Any and all of these actions would change the world and make it a better place for everyone, and everything. In this way we could as a world community live with love and peace.

A few hundred years ago, the colonies went to war for Americans to have freedom.   People were tired of suffering from the tyranny of England.  Americans wanted the freedom to choose religion, elect their leaders, and wanted to dictate their own policies, and political practices, and taxes.

Since then the concept of living free has been the cornerstone of the American mindset.  Songs have been written like Born Free, Home on the Range exemplify this.  Today Americans are free to live where ever they choose, do the work they work they want, practice the religion of their choice, wear the clothes and fashion styles they desire, and serve in the military if they so choose, and practice the religion of their choice.  Basically Americans are free to make their own decisions.  But what about inner freedom?

I look around and see many people that are angry, and not satisfied in their work, marriage, relationships, or financial situation.  Just driving the down the highway it’s easy to see people feeling road  rage.  It occurred to me that all people want to arrive at their destinations safely, be in happy fulfilled relationships, love their work, and feel secure that they can pay the bills. But something is getting in the way.

Perhaps it is because they are not free on the inside.  So many people are just going through the motions of life and are not in tune with them selves.  Rather than be happy they carry past pain and suffering in the hearts and allow their emotions and ego to control their actions, reactions, and behavior. If people invested  time looking within themselves in order to control their emotions, learn patience, and surrender, live in the present moment they would no longer be numb to the real joy of living and of being happy.

We did not fight for freedom all those years ago, so that today we could mad at the world.  No the idea was to be free in order to live a life of love and peace.

Two people meet and start to date. During this period there is a sense of excitement.  Both people have the best of intentions and and often act the way they think will best impress the other. Men put the toilet seat down and women don’t complain when the man forgets.  After a while sex enters the picture and becomes a focal point in the relationship.  With this intimacy comes a sense of bliss.

But after a while, like a new car loses its magical smell, relationships between men and women begin to become too familiar and as a result some of the before mentioned bliss dissipates. About this time each persons inner values, mannerisms, & emotions start to surface. If couples are able to accept these aspects of their partners persona and maintain good communication their relationship has a good chance to flourish.  If not problems will start to arise This could lead to one or both to experience feelings that include a feeling of disharmony, lack of respect, or being miss understood. If these feelings are not dealt with stronger feelings like resentment, frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger are sure to follow.  These negative emotions are the doom of relationships.

The key to sustaining a relationship is good communication.  Couples should talk about their core values and beliefs to ensure they are compatible.  Relationships that thrive are based on both people being happy and feeling supported, loved, respected, understood, and fulfilled.

Those couples that discover they have different mindsets and values will be better off apart than together.  In this way they can each be happy and live a life of love and peace.


I used to take things like having a bed, hot shower, toilet, clean drinking water, relationships, and love for granted. But now I know better. The truth is there are millions of people without running water, electricity, a car, a closet full of clothes, shoes, kidneys that function, eyes to see, television set, or a retirement account.

Now every day when I wake up, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, enjoy a meal, drink clean water I say I am grateful.  I have a new point of view now, and believe all people regardless of race, religion, country of origin deserve compassion.

More important we as citizens of the world should exercise compassion, understanding,  and charity.  I am not suggesting that we sell our homes and donate the money to a worthy cause, but I am suggesting people become selfless not selfish.  The more we recognize the needs of others the more we help ourselves.

In my recent travels through third world and developing countries I have seen impoverished families, that have no electricity or refrigerators in their homes, but when they see someone hungry they share what little food they have.  I have witnessed love for other people that has touched my soul and opened my heart.

In the United states I have seen people begging in the streets for food, and the people walking by tell them to get a job. While its true some of these people have drinking or drug problems the fact remains they are people, and deserve to eat.   While I don’t want want to support their addictions, the next time I see someone  hungry I will feed them.

I don’t have the material things I used to take for granted, but I do have love for people and hope this blogs inspires others to open their hearts as well as be grateful for what they have.  In this way we can all make the world a better place. I have said it before and I will say it again.  We are all one planet – one people.

May you all live with love and peace.